Q: What are some things that affect what you take when I consign with Little Bo-Tique?

  • Quality, brand, condition
  • Number of identical items already in the store
  • How many items are in the store overall

Q: Why do you only make appointments during drop off hours?

We do not accept drop off items after 1 hour before the store closes M-Th and 2 hours before the store closes on Friday and Saturday. This allows us some time to price and hang new items that have come in to the store that day so that we can stay 'caught up' and not have any merchandise in the store that isn't out on the racks.

Q: I'm looking for an item that I didn't find in your store...do you keep a list of items that people are looking for?

Yes....if you are looking for an item.........double stroller, crib, anything -- you can call or email the store and we will put your request in our notebook and call you when we have one available.

Q: I have a large item I want to consign with Little Bo-Tique......how can I find out if you are accepting my item (double stroller, crib, bassinet, etc)?

If we already have several items identical to the one you want to bring in to the store we can let you know that if you call or email ahead of time....we can take your name and phone # and call you when we are accepting the item that you want to consign.